Demystify Your Diet

Do you know the real reason why your New Year’s resolution is failing?

 You keep buying (literally and figuratively) into the diet culture BS.

Join Demystify Your Diet,

 a FREE, 5-day diet culture "detox" challenge to get rid of all the things you think you’re “supposed” to do, so you can start implementing what actually works.  

Starts Monday, Feb 5th!

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The FREE Training Kicks Off In....


During this FREE 5-Day Challenge, You'll

Receive Daily Coaching in a Closed Facebook Group! 

Learn How to Ditch the Diet Myths that Keep You on the Diet Hamster Wheel, and How to Get Healthy for Real and for Life Without Going to Extremes!

Get Daily Worksheets Delivered Straight to Your Inbox! 

Discover the Subtle, yet Powerful, Mindset Shifts to Make that Will Take You from Diet-Dependent to Effortlessly Empowered!

Get Access to Our Private Community!

Enjoy the Membership Perks of the Bonafide Fit Babes Community, my Group Coaching Club, and Get the Support and Encouragement you Need to Succeed for Real!

OK! What happens once I sign up?

Once you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email from me within 15 minutes that explains next steps and some special offers that only YOU as a challenge member will have access to!

That's it!

Hey, I'm Hilary!

I'm a practical fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach for women can't fathom another restrictive diet, but also aren't sure what other options are out there. 

I created the Demystify Your Diet challenge with you in mind, the woman who:

  • Is fed up with the toxicity of diet culture;
  • Struggles to find health and wellness resources she trusts;
  • Wants to eat better and exercise effectively, but doesn’t know where to begin;
  • Needs some simple, easy-to-digest guidelines to get her on the right path towards the healthier body and happier life she desires

I can’t wait to see how this challenge transforms you from insecure and unsure to confidently kicking ass on your goals!



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