The Savvy Diner's Menu Guide

Eating out can be quite the guessing game...

Unless you have your FREE copy of the Savvy Diners Guide - This is us, together, removing the guesswork and enjoying the best of both worlds! Download the guide using the button below...

Grab your FREE copy of The Savvy Diner's Menu Guide and learn how to decode some of restaurant menus BIGGEST calorie offenders!

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Who is Hilary Glaus and how can she help me?

Hi, I'm Hilary! As a former all-or-nothing dieter-turned-savvy diner, I know first-hand what it's like to order the "cleanest" thing on the menu only to end up feeling deprived and overeat (on more and worse crap!) later on.

This was my MO unless it was a cheat meal, in which case all bets were off! I would eat whatever, and end up feeling guilty...and the cycle would start anew.

I created The Savvy Diner's Menu Guide for women just like me who don't want dieting to rule their lives anymore, and just want simple strategies to make better choices without sacrificing all the fun! 

I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions, you can reach out to me directly at!

To more food fun!

xo, Hil

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